UPDATE 2 (Monday evening): There are a total 590,838 registered voters on the official election website and the countries that are included in the below figures account for 575,004 registered votes (i.e. the data accounts for 97% of registered voters).   The below's analysis includes vote tally of 296,232 yielding an overall participation rate of 50.1% - of registered voters.

That leaves only 11,798 registered voters remaining and, assuming an equal participation rate, would translate into 5,915 votes - which are relatively insignificant so the below can be taken as final results.  (Click on image below for much larger version).

Country by country data comes from @hany2m's Google Docs spreadsheet here
@hany2m has a great spreadsheet that provided the underlying data - country by country - for the above (http://ow.ly/b2H0Q)

UPDATE 1 (Sunday evening):
Results from Jeddah have been published here (seems pretty valid to me) - hence, I have provided an updated chart... (The actual percentages of votes by candidate are likely slightly lower as I have not included the less successful candidates in the analysis in the interest of time - these should not substantially impact the percentages though)
Older results below:
Egyptian Expat Voting Abroad President
Prior to the inclusion of Jeddah results (which had over 55,000 votes

11/11/2013 03:37:13 am

Take a look at the detailed expat vote count, broken down by country, over at the Egypt Independent.

12/9/2013 03:29:41 pm

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