Youtube website video: (can't seem to find that video where they are all around the half-circle table - think that's the only time I have seen them all present!  There were tons of them on youtube but can't seem to find any of them recently..!)

1. SIS Website from 2/18/2011: (total of 15)

Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, former Minister of Defence and Military Production
Lt. General Sami Annan, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces
Admiral Mohab Memish, the Commander of the Maritime Force
Air Marshal Reda Hafez, the Commander of the Air Force
Lt. General Abdel Aziz Seif, the Commander of the Air Defense Forces
General Hassan al-Rwini, the Commander of the Military Central Zone
Staff General Ismail Othman, the Director of the Morale Affairs Department
General Mohsen al-Fanagry, the Assistant Defense Minister
Staff General Mohammed Abdel Nabi, the Commander of the Border Guard
Staff General Mohammed Hegazy, the Commander of the Third Field Army 
Staff General Sobhy Sedky, the Commander of the Second Field Army 
The commanders of the northern, southern and western zones (3 additional)

[Birth Years: Tantawi (1935), Annan (1948), Hafez (1952), Seifeddin (1949)]

2. Amnesty International Report  (
  • Major-General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Head of Military Intelligence 
  • Mohammed Said al-Assar, Assistant Defence Minster

For a total of 17...
3. Youm7 (


  • Maj. Gen. Mamdouh Abdul Haq, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) said in a meeting at "90 minutes TV program" on 3/12/2011

For a total of 18...
4. Foreign Affairs magazine, September/October 2011, "Commanding Democracy in Egypt"
  • In May, General Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the SCAF (legal affairs)

For a total of 19...
5. Wikipedia (says they are 18)

A total of 18 members including Six other military commanders (possibly including the four chiefs of staff of the four branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces).


For a total of 20...
Has names for the regional military zone commanders:
  • Major General Hassan Mohammed Ahmed - Commander of the Northern Military Zone
  • Major General Mohsen El-Shazly - Commander of the Southern Military Zone
  • Major General Mahmoud Ibrahim Hegazy - Commander of the Western Military Zone
  • Six other military commanders (possibly including the four chiefs of staff of the four branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces).
Flips SIS designations/titles saying that: 
  • "Major General Mohamed Hegazy â€“ Commander of the Second Field Army; Major General Sedky Sobhy â€“ Commander of the Third Field Army"

From 12/19 Press Conference about Parliament Building
"But only advisors apparently"

From Carnegie Endowment (Jan 5th, 2012):

"A list of the nineteen members of the SCAF is provided below, with the first eight being the most outspoken:"

  1. Major General Mukhtar al-Mulla: Assistant defense minister
  2. Major General Adel Amara: Assistant defense minister (he was only highlighted as an advisor before but Carnegie puts him as a proper member)
  3. Also had different names for the commanders of regional armies (Western, Northern and Eastern)

For a total of 22!
The proposed 30-member advisory council includes...

1.      Mansour Hassan: former information minister (president of council)

2.      Mohamed Nour Farahat: Social Democratic Party leader (elected secretary general)

3.      Sherif Mohammed Zahran: unknown occupation (assistant to secretary general)

4.      Abdul Mohammed al-Moghazy: unknown occupation (assistant to secretary general)

5.      Abul-Ela Madi: leader of Al-Wasat Party  (deputy to the president)

6.      Ahmed Kamal Abul-Magd: vice chairman of the National Council of Human Rights

7.      el-Sayed el-Badawi: leader of Al-Wafd Party

8.      Hassan Nafaa: political science professor at Cairo University

9.      Sameh Ashour: president of the Bar Association (deputy to president)

10.    Abdel-Aziz Hegazy: a former prime minister

11.    Ashraf Abdel-Ghafour: head of the actors' syndicate

12.    Amr Moussa: a presidential candidate

13.    Mohamed Salmawi: a writer

14.    Mohamed Selim el-Awwa: a presidential aspirant

15.    Moataz Bellah Abdel-Fattah: a political sciences professor

16.    Naguib Sawiras: Businessman, Leader of Free Egyptians Party

General info:
The advisory council on Sunday (12-11-2011) elected Mansour Hassan, as its president. 

OLD LONG INTERVIEW WITH MANSOUR HASSAN I had watched a while back but videos seem to have disappeared:  Accoring to Zeinobia, he "was replaced in the Mubarak era "he already resigned after the September 1981 arrests"

The members elected two deputies for Hassan: Abul Ela Mady, president of the Wasat Party, and Sameh Ashour, president of the Lawyers Syndicate.

Mohamed Nour Farahat, a leader from the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, was elected secretary general. Sherif Mohammed Zahran and Abdul Mohammed al-Moghazy were elected assistants to the secretary general.

Ashour told Egypt’s al-Masry al-Youm daily that they were elected in a secret ballot.

The council’s secretary general will act as liaison between the council and the SCAF. The council is to convene at least once a week, but may meet whenever the need arises or upon the request of one-third of its members or the head of the SCAF.

Twenty-four of the council’s 30 members were present at the first meeting. Among the most notable absentees were Coptic businessman and founder of the Free Egyptians Party Naguib Sawiris, presidential hopeful Amr Moussa, and president of al-Wafd Party al-Sayed al-Badawy.
Imagine trying to govern a country that lacks adequate statistics about economic activity, healthcare, crime, education, urban development and environmental pollution.

Imagine a country that relies heavily on tourism but has no figures showing why people visit or what they think of their stay.

Imagine a country that relies heavily on agriculture, and yet has produced no data on the quality of cultivable land since the 1970s.

"In effect, this gives the Egyptian state a monopoly on statistics & for 30 yrs at least central statistics has been headed not by professional statisticians but by a succession of major-generals from the military"

"Anyone wishing to compile data independently, through surveys or interviews, must first obtain a permit from the "General Department for Security" & that even applies to university students"
"The Salafist movement in Alexandria will participate in the political process after years of abstention, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported March 23, citing a group statement. The statement said the group is still deciding how it will enter political life and whether it will submit a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections."
Egypt’s new interim National Salvation government, headed by Prime Minister Kamal el-Ganzouri, was sworn in by Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi on Dec. 7, state-run Channel 1 TV reported. The ruling military issued a decree that granted el-Ganzouri presidential powers while allowing the military to retain control of military affairs and the judiciary, Al Jazeera reported, citing MENA. After el-Ganzouri was sworn in, Tantawi attended a closed meeting with the National Salvation government, Elyoum Elsabaa reported. Among the new officials chosen, Maj. Gen. Mohamed Ibrahim (former head of the interior ministry's security directorate in Giza province) was appointed interior minister, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

Egypt's new cabinet members: (any info/sources on any of these??)
- Prime Minister: Kamal el-Ganzouri (new) (
- Foreign Affairs: Mohamed Kamel Amr
- Interior: Mohamed Ibrahim Yusef (new)
- Justice: Adel Abdel Hamid Abdullah (new)- Education: Gamal el-Arabi (new)
- Tourism: Mounir Fakhri Abdel Nur
- Finance: Mumtaz el-Said (new)
- Electricity: Hassan Younnes
- Supplies and Domestic Trade: Goda Abdel Khaleq
- State Minister for Domestic Trade and Development: Mohamed Attiya Ibrahim
- Religious Endowments (Waqf): Mohamed Abdel Fadil el-Qawsi
- State Minister for Military Production: Ali Sabri
- Information: Ahmed Anis (new)
- Housing: Mohamed Fathi el-Baradei- Civil Aviation: Hussein Massoud (new)
- Social Security and Social Affairs: Nagwa Khalil (new)
- Communications and Technology: Mohamed Abdel Qadir Salem (new)
- Petroleum: Mohamed Abdullah Ghorab
- Planning and International Cooperation: Fayza Abul Naga
- Production and Foreign Trade: Mohamed Eissa
- Irrigation and Water Resources: Hisham Qandil
- Agriculture: Mohamed Rida Ismail (new)
- Transport: Galal Moustafa El-Said (new)
- Health and Population: Fuad el-Nawawi (new)
- Immigration: Fathi Fekri (new)
- Culture: Shukri Abdel Hamid Suleiman (new)
- State Minister for Scientific Research: Nadia Zukhari (new)
- Higher Education: Hussein Moustafa Moussa (new)
- Antiquities: Mohamed Ibrahim Ali (new)
- Environment: Moustafa Hussein Kamel (new)

Gov. members source:'s%20new%20cabinet

Notes on members:
  • The fact that several leading public figures under consideration for ministerial portfolios have declined the posts does not bode well for the Ganzouri government’s legitimacy. Prominent journalists Adel Hammouda and Magdy al-Gallad both declined the Information Ministry post, while actor Mohamed Sobhy rejected an offer to lead the Ministry of Culture.  [EgyptSource, English, 12/1/2011] [al-Ahram, English, 12/2/2011] [al-Masry al-Youm, Arabic, 12/2/2011]

  • Great overview of Interior Minister (Mohammed Ibrahim) - Thank you @hany2m (

    بعد 13 يوماً من التعثر فى حكومة الجنزورى، واستمرار التعتيم «لأسباب أمنية» حول من يخلف اللواء منصور عيسوى، وقع اختيار رئيس الوزراء المكلف، على اللواء محمد إبراهيم يوسف، مساعد أول حبيب العادلى، وزير الداخلية الأسبق حتى 23 نوفمبر 200

  • Overview of Interior Minister:

    وقد بدأ محمد إبراهيم يوسف حياته المهنية بعد تخرجة بدفعة 73 في مباحث الجيزة وتدرج في المناصب حتي وصل إلي منصب مدير مباحث الجيزة ثم نقل بعد ذلك إلي مصلحة الأمن العام برتبة "لواء " و عين مديرا لأمن الجيزة " حيث أشرف علي إنتخابات 2010 بالمحافظة. 

  • @Ssirgany Sarah El Sirgany RT @Nadiaglory#militarysource just confirmed to me : new information minister Ahmed Anis is a retired army general #scaf #media

  • وصاحب «مجزرة اللاجئين» لـ«الداخلية» (

    وكان اللواء المرشح لتولي وزارة الداخلية، مدير أمن الجيزة في عهد حبيب العادلي، وأحد أبرز الذين تعرضوا لانتقادات شديدة، بعد مهاجمة اللاجئين السودانيين، أمام مفوضية الأمم المتحدة بالمهندسين، مما تسبب في عشرات الجرحى، والمعتقلين، حيث اعتبر حقوقيون ونشطاء العنف «غير المسبوق» تجاه اللاجئين «مجزرة»، وطالبوا بمحاسبة المتورطين فيها، إلا أن الوزارة وقتها لم تقدم أي متهم للعدالة.

  • Interior minister response to some of the allegations

  • Agriculture employees react to appointment of new minister:

    A group of agriculture ministry employees have issued calls for an open strike on Wednesday to protest the nomination of Saad Nasar for minister of agriculture and land reclamation... Nassar is a former governor of Fayoum and a former chairman of the state-run Agricultural Research Centre.Ministry employees complain that Nasar had been a close associate of former agriculture minister Youssef Wali, who also served at one point as secretary-general of the now-defunct National Democratic Party of ousted president Hosni Mubarak. A controversial figure, Wali currently stands accused of importing carcinogenic fertilisers and pesticides from Israel in a case that is still being prosecuted in Egyptian is a former governor of Fayoum and a former chairman of the state-run Agricultural Research Centre.Ministry employees complain that Nasar had been a close associate of former agriculture minister Youssef Wali, who also served at one point as secretary-general of the now-defunct National Democratic Party of ousted president Hosni Mubarak. A controversial figure, Wali currently stands accused of importing carcinogenic fertilisers and pesticides from Israel in a case that is still being prosecuted in Egyptian courts.

  • Ganzoury's 'salvation government' sworn in amid skepticism (, 12/7/2011)

    The choice of General Mohamed Ibrahim, former head of the Giza Security Directorate, as the new interior minister heightened the agitation of activists towards the new Cabinet.

    “As activists, we know his history and the vicious way he dealt with demonstrators,” said Ingy Hamdy, spokesperson of the April 6 Youth Movement, adding that they do not acknowledge El-Ganzoury nor his new Cabinet.

    She said Ibrahim was responsible for the notorious violent raid on the Sudanese refugees’ sit-in in Mostafa Mahmoud Square in December 2005, which left at least 28 dead.

  • Additional Info on Interior Minister

    For the Interior Ministry, he proposed Mohamed Ibrahim Youssef, the former Giza governorate security director until 2000, after which he served as assistant minister for economic security for six months before former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly refused to renew his term in 2001.

  • Reaction of Protesters to Cabinet:  (pre-announcement, 12/4/2011)

    "We are preparing a list of youth figures that can hold this position instead of those old names, the majority of whom were aides of Habib El-Adly (former interior minister)," said Ahmed Meshaly, member of the General Coalition of Police Officers.

    He stressed that the coalition refused Major-General Abdel Rehim Qenawy, nominated by El-Ganzoury, claiming that he oversaw the rigging of the 2010 parliamentary elections as one of El-Adly's aides.

    Meshaly, however, refuted claims that Major-General Mohamed Ibrahim, also nominated by El-Ganzoury, is being tried for killing demonstrators during the Jan. 25 revolution as has been reported recently.

    "This one is the former security chief of Giza district. The other one on trial at the criminal court is the security chief of Alexandria," Meshaly said.
  • Account of Sudanese Incident:
Hope to continue building to the data set for Egypt parliamentary elections and others going forward... If you know of any great sources would be much appreciated!  (For election data and/or demographic)