Youtube website video: (can't seem to find that video where they are all around the half-circle table - think that's the only time I have seen them all present!  There were tons of them on youtube but can't seem to find any of them recently..!)

1. SIS Website from 2/18/2011: (total of 15)

Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, former Minister of Defence and Military Production
Lt. General Sami Annan, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces
Admiral Mohab Memish, the Commander of the Maritime Force
Air Marshal Reda Hafez, the Commander of the Air Force
Lt. General Abdel Aziz Seif, the Commander of the Air Defense Forces
General Hassan al-Rwini, the Commander of the Military Central Zone
Staff General Ismail Othman, the Director of the Morale Affairs Department
General Mohsen al-Fanagry, the Assistant Defense Minister
Staff General Mohammed Abdel Nabi, the Commander of the Border Guard
Staff General Mohammed Hegazy, the Commander of the Third Field Army 
Staff General Sobhy Sedky, the Commander of the Second Field Army 
The commanders of the northern, southern and western zones (3 additional)

[Birth Years: Tantawi (1935), Annan (1948), Hafez (1952), Seifeddin (1949)]

2. Amnesty International Report  (
  • Major-General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Head of Military Intelligence 
  • Mohammed Said al-Assar, Assistant Defence Minster

For a total of 17...
3. Youm7 (


  • Maj. Gen. Mamdouh Abdul Haq, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) said in a meeting at "90 minutes TV program" on 3/12/2011

For a total of 18...
4. Foreign Affairs magazine, September/October 2011, "Commanding Democracy in Egypt"
  • In May, General Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the SCAF (legal affairs)

For a total of 19...
5. Wikipedia (says they are 18)

A total of 18 members including Six other military commanders (possibly including the four chiefs of staff of the four branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces).


For a total of 20...
Has names for the regional military zone commanders:
  • Major General Hassan Mohammed Ahmed - Commander of the Northern Military Zone
  • Major General Mohsen El-Shazly - Commander of the Southern Military Zone
  • Major General Mahmoud Ibrahim Hegazy - Commander of the Western Military Zone
  • Six other military commanders (possibly including the four chiefs of staff of the four branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces).
Flips SIS designations/titles saying that: 
  • "Major General Mohamed Hegazy â€“ Commander of the Second Field Army; Major General Sedky Sobhy â€“ Commander of the Third Field Army"

From 12/19 Press Conference about Parliament Building
"But only advisors apparently"

From Carnegie Endowment (Jan 5th, 2012):

"A list of the nineteen members of the SCAF is provided below, with the first eight being the most outspoken:"

  1. Major General Mukhtar al-Mulla: Assistant defense minister
  2. Major General Adel Amara: Assistant defense minister (he was only highlighted as an advisor before but Carnegie puts him as a proper member)
  3. Also had different names for the commanders of regional armies (Western, Northern and Eastern)

For a total of 22!
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