In case you want to skip the below rambling/methodology, click HERE for charts

There was not much discrepancy in the voting percentages based on the socio-economic status.  The biggest discrepancy seems to be between extreme vs middle socio-economic groups (i.e.  the "rich" and "very poor" categories voted relatively similarly while the "middle one", "middle two" and "poor" categories voted relatively similarly).

The strongest area where this held true was in Wafd voting - where the "rich" and "very poor" voted at about half the percentage as the other groups.  The above correlation seemed to hold true for Islamic vs Secular and for percent voting for liberal parties, albeit weaker.

The only real discrepancy in this was with regards to Salafi vs Non-Salafi votes in which the "rich" group was clearly outstanding when compared to the rest (-10% salafi). 

Analysis of voting orientation based on demographics
  1. Islamic vs Secular voting breakdown by district wealth
  2. Breakdown of Islamic Vote (Salafi vs Non-Salafi)
  3. Breakdown of Secular Votes (Liberal vs Felool vs Wafd)

The voting districts were classified into socio-economic groups based on the work of Ahram Center and DEDI to classify the voting districts into socio-economic groups including "rich", "middle one", "middle two", "poor" and "very poor" based on:

• Share of 15-44 year olds
• Share of illiterate
• Share of university and above graduates
• Share of unemployed
• Share of public sector workers

Then, political parties were coded based on their orientation (see table)
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The strongest area where this held true was in Wafd voting - where the "rich" and "very poor" voted at about half the percentage as the other groups. thank

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