Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost. - John Adams
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For me it is about making a statement regarding the principles we want to see in Egypt and the vision for a future.  The dirty game of politics (campaign financing, false promises, being two faced) always weeds out the good men - we have a chance here to vote for one.

Moreover, there will most likely be a runoff election at which point you can choose the lesser of two evils; at that point when you choose the lesser of two evils, at least remember that it is still an evil. 

The only actual argument I have ever heard against Bastwisy in terms of capabilities or principles is that he is too weak to be president of this country.  However, have we not tried "strong" men across the region, for decades? How well has that served us?  Moreover, we have seen weak, sheepish men turn into strong men in their own countries, albeit negatively, as is the case with Asad in Syria.

One would hope that with fairness, justice and reformation of institutions that we could see him gain strength from the populace itself.
Platform Summary (also in document above):
  • Calls for the Egyptian military to be held accountable for crimes since taking power in February 2011
  • Labels education a top priority, and advocates free public education for all Egyptian citizens through high school
  • Says drafting a new constitution is the country’s top priority
  • Dismisses secularist fears of Islamic rule, saying that Article 2 of the 1971 Constitution makes Islamic jurisprudence the principle source but not the sole source of legislation in Egypt
  • Says renegotiating the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty is an Egyptian right, but argues canceling the treaty would damage Egypt’s international standing
  • Supports renegotiating or abolishing gas exports to Israel
  • Advocates a mixed system of presidential and parliamentary power
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I've received my essayfrom about election in general and their thoughts comined with mine are almost the same as yours and it was always pleasant to understand that wise people are thinking the same.


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